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Vladimir Dubovskiy

1491 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vladimir Dubovskiy , Tim Rich , Jim Steinberger 1491 days ago
  • Vlad Dubovskiy, DonorsChoose.org, vlad@donorschoose.org
This is a SAS GeoCoder for use in working with the SAS wrapper...
  • The geocoding algorithm lends itself to multi-threading; it could be extended in this way to take advantage of multiple CPUs and run substantially faster
Jim S
  • The current algorithm might be loading the entirety of the relevant CSVs into memory -- if this were recoded to stream and process one line at a time, etc., then the process would no longer require increasing the maximum Java heap size past the default 
geocoder_macros.sas - the macros that are were existing from the original. Did not mess with this, but created own file to have a proper home.
  • Dirty Queens got down and dirty and nailed it. See the parsing model laid out above. (Thanks Shannon, Tommy and Casey!) This is some rock and roll stuff right here!
  • Provided a suggestion roadmap for upkeeping a reference data database for matches to be always compared to a fuller dataset.
1493 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vladimir Dubovskiy 1493 days ago
  • Skills that you need: Java Programers, any programers really.
Vladimir D
  • Where data came from for valid_***.csv inside .JAR file:
  • BIN: PAD
  • Parser: Use Melissa data (as it is clean), PAD to do matching for addresses + Reference Data.

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